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Georgia Geologic Survey

State‑supported geologic work in Georgia began with the four‑year appointment of John Cotting as State Geologist in 1836.  Valuable mineral deposits as well as the measurement of magnetic variations in the state were noted during this first Survey. A second Survey, however, was not established until 1874, thirty‑four years later. During the seven years of the second Survey, additional mineral resources including gold, were studied in the state. The Geological Survey of Georgia was established for the third time in 1890 and has operated continuously since then under various names. In 1943, the Survey became the Department of Mines, Mining, and Geology of the State Division of Conservation. In 1972, under the Department of Natural Resources, it became the Earth and Water Division and was subsequently renamed the Geologic and Water Resources Division (1976). Since 1978, it became the Georgia Geologic Survey, a branch of the Environmental Protection Division of the Department of Natural Resources. In late 2004 the Georgia Geologic Survey was abolished; however, most of the work performed by the Survey was continued in the Regulatory Support Program of the Watershed Protection Branch of the Environmental Protection Division.

Goals of the Georgia Geologic Survey 

  • To conduct and encourage relevant environmental and earth and water resource investigations throughout the State; to publish pertinent results to assist the public in understanding and protecting Georgia's natural resources.
  • To prepare and update wellhead protection plans for Georgia water well systems that rely upon wells or springs for a drinking water source.
  • To regulate exploration for petroleum and natural gas, to regulate underground injection, to license water well contractors, and to certify pump installers.
  • To provide accurate, up‑to‑date geologic maps at various scales and geologic publications for the entire State, and to assure a statewide map and digital database distribution system.
  • To provide educational material to increase public knowledge of the earth and water resources of Georgia.

Georgia State Geologists

1836 ‑ 1840  John R. Cotting

1874 ‑ 1881  George Little

1890 ‑ 1893  Joseph W. Spencer

1893 ‑ 1908  William S. Yeates

1908 ‑ 1933  Samual W. McCallie

1933 ‑ 1938  Richard W. Smith

1938 ‑ 1964  Garland Peyton

1964 ‑ 1969  A.Sydney Furcron

1969 ‑ 1972  Jesse H. Auvil, Jr.

1972 ‑ 1978  Sam M. Pickering, Jr.

1979 ‑ 2005  William H. McLemore

2006 - Present  Jim Kennedy


Regulatory Support Program
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