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We're back!    We are now settled into our new location and ready to help you obtain the information you need about Georgia geology.  Our website is ready for business.  We can again accept credit card orders through our website or for call in orders.  Also, please note that we are filling our backlog of orders, so your order may not ship within 6 business days.


**As of May 20, 2010, ALL USGS topographic

map sales are discontinued.**


Our new location does not have the space needed to store all of our map inventory, so we no longer sell these maps. USGS topographic maps can be ordered online from the USGS at We will continue to sell publications of the Georgia Geologic Survey.  


Please note, we are no longer able to receive customers at our office.  Our new office location does not have space for our inventory, so all publications are stored several miles distant from us.  Consequently, all orders must be submitted through our website or by phone or mail.  Also, allow one to two weeks for order turn-around, plus shipping time. 


To place an order for a publication:

  • Click the "Catalog" button
  • Under "Search Products," you can either; type in the product name then click the "Find" button or, click the "Browse" button to do just that.
  • Then on the right hand side under "Browse Category," select the category that you are interested in.
  • After finding the product/prooducts you would like to order, click the "Buy Now!" button to begin the process.

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